Saturday, February 12, 2011

A taste of the future

This past week, George has been sick (throw ups, diarrhea…all the fun stuff) and unable to go to school.  So, I thought it would be the perfect time to practice my new “lifestyle change” and be at home with him during most of those days.  Day one started with my traditional early, early morning run, breakfast and dropping big sister off at school – all before 7:45am.  George and I were at the grocery store by 8am and done with our shopping by 9am.  At that point, we both looked at each other with expressions that seemed to say, “what the heck are we going to do now?”  First lesson learned – spread my schedule out a bit more.
Overall , the days were wonderful and I loved hanging out with my little guy.  He was grumpy and clingy from being under the weather, so I wasn’t able to get a lot around the house accomplished.  But I also know there will be more days like this and I need to get used to it.  Second lesson learned – (try to) go with the flow.
Here is a little image of my love bug at play:

This activity lasted all of five minutes before George decided to throw all of the crayons on the floor and scream when he couldn’t reach them.  Once George is upset about something (and he’s sick), he tends to be inconsolable.  So, we moved on to something else – I don’t even remember what.
And here the image of my princess when I picked her up from school, ballet clothes and all:

The roller skates entered the picture once we got home, of course.
The future looks great! 

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