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15 months and 212 posts after starting this blog, I have finally gotten around to telling you something about myself.  Sheesh, what have I been doing with all of this newfound free time?

I am a mid-thirties wife and mother of two who was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia (yes, Jerry Falwell country but please don’t hold that against me).  I have been lucky enough to have had several decidedly varying careers starting with professional ballerina (I think that one really sealed the deal when I told Will), college student, law school student, lawyer without kids, lawyer with kids, and now stay-at-home mother.  I am very much looking forward to my final career move of empty-nester housewife extraordinaire with a morning running troop, lunching ladies group, and afternoon tennis club.

Will and I met at the University of Virginia School of Law when we were both in “The Libel Show”—he was Head Writer (and a way-cool 3L) and I was a lowly dancer (with an even lowlier 1L status).  I thank my lucky stars every day that he talked to me (or rather that his friends cornered me at the local wateringhole one night and asked if I was dating anyone and would I care to converse with their 6’5” wiry friend sitting at the neighboring table).

Two and a half years later (in 2004), we married and moved to Richmond, Virginia to continue Will’s already in progress legal career and to begin mine.  Three years after that (in 2007), we had Frances who flipped our world upside down in all of the wonderful ways a first-born girl should and 22 months after that (in 2009) we had George who completely turned us inside-out and we’ve never been the same.  

Frances (2007)

George (2009)

When George was eighteen-months old (in 2011), I stopped working (for various uninteresting reasons, which I will most certainly share with you, my lucky friends) – Will and I were both at jumping-off points in our careers (neither of us able to give an inch more to our family), the kids were feeling the hurried lives of a two-attorney household, I didn’t love my job (although I loved working – strange, no?), and I was ready to stay at home.

In my spare time, I am a runner, a reader, a writer, a chef, a photographer, and an organizer—none of these things I do professionally or very well.  If I had more spare time, I would like to be a triathlete, a home decorator (well, just my home really), a reading group member, a Zumba go-er, a gardener, a bird watcher, a once-a-week-at-least hiker, and a Pilates instructor.

As odd as it seems to me (an introvert), I love sharing our happy, crazy life through this blog.  It has both helped me keep an ongoing diary of my children’s lives (because I can hardly remember what happened last week much less last year) and an every-other-day therapy session.

Thank you all for reading my ordinary anecdotes.  I’ll keep writing them if you keep coming back for more!

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