Thursday, January 9, 2014

New year, new writing schedule

Once a week.  That's my new aim for blog writing, friends.  My excuse?

He's adorable and extremely fun to be with and amazingly well-behaved while his sister is in school.  And he no longer takes a nap. Plus, I hate to be sitting at a computer while he is being this good.  It's also hard to believe that come September, he'll be walking onto the school bus with big sis as a Kindergartener.  So before I crawl into a corner and cry real tears at that thought, I'll just remind myself to enjoy this time with him and soak him up as much as possible these next nine months.

Bundled up to go wait for the bus.
It was about 15 degrees outside when I took this picture.

School was two-hours late for two straight days this week because of extremely cold temperatures (which part of me scoffs at, but another part of me understands wholeheartedly.  I'm just glad I'm not in the position to make those tough decisions.).  Silly or not, Frances, George and I relished our lazy mornings around the house, playing with new Christmas toys, singing Christmas carols (that would be our George.  He is a Christmas nut like his mother), and catching up on housework.  An 11am start time for elementary school is apparently ideal for the Homiller children--just when they start to argue, it's bus top time.

Until next week, when I'll likely be writing to you from my still half-spring/half-Christmas decorated house.  

I think I'll start a new trend for those of us who can't quite let go of those beautiful nighttime white lights, but can do without the basket of noisemakers from Santa.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Your house is just gorgeous Lucy! LOVE it! I wouldn't want to take Christmas down either if mine looked like that! I wish the holiday lasted three months. It feels like you just get things decorated and boom - it's time to take it all down again. Your mix of Christmas and spring is the perfect solution! And good goal with the blogging. Kole is in preschool every morning now and while I love it (literally saved my life last year) sometimes I feel depressed about it. All done with having a baby/toddler home with me all day. :( I think you need to have one more! Any progress with Will in that area? :)

    1. Erin! That is the ultimate compliment coming from someone living in my dream house - thank you, thank you! And you are the third person to hint at the fact that George's soon-to-be Kindergarten status *might* be the perfect time to have baby #3. A sign? : )