Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our last (few) weeks

Hello, my name is Lucy.  I have two children, one dog-child, one husband (I think his name is Will, but to be perfectly honest he's been so busy at work that I haven't seen him except in passing for weeks), and one small, cozy, and decrepit house that is falling apart at the seams.

Our temporary kitchen sink - the mudroom - also sprung a leak this week.
Thank goodness for nice neighbors who are also great plumbers.

I thought I should re-introduce myself since I have been glaringly absent from writing for much longer than I'd like.  Thank you all for being so patient!  And while I joke about the house (and our lack of kitchen … have I mentioned that before?  : )), we are still celebrating Christmas in full force here at the Homiller house and enjoying every second of it.  To catch up on our last couple of weeks:

Frances had her first dance class open house last week.  Technically, George wasn't supposed to attend, but her teacher graciously overlooked his presence so I could sneak back and watch our little ballerina.

George was fascinated.

I was so proud of her.  Not only does she have grace and natural ability (and amazing feet!  Sheesh!!), but when the teacher asked a question, she would politely raise her hand and give the answer.  I am certain I didn't start volunteering answers to teachers until at least college.  Her father's girl no doubt.


We braved the freezing temperatures and went to the Richmond Christmas parade again this year.

We couldn't make it through to the end, but thankfully Frosty and Rudolph both made fairly early appearances.


Frances and me at our forth annual Richmond Ballet's The Nutcracker.

The only thing missing was Nana.  2014 or bust!


Last weekend, Will's parents invited us to have brunch with Santa at their country club.

Sausage, eggs, pancakes, and St. Nick?  I'm not sure anyone of any age could say no to that.  Santa was such a good sport, too.  I must have taken 50 pictures in an attempt to get George to look at the stinking camera (really, Son).



Will's Christmas gift to me this year was a personal shopper at Nordstrom.

Frances went with me to the initial fittings, where she helped me decide on these two dresses and the red one above.

George was less excited to attend the second fitting.


Family movie night watching the latest Disney movie, Frozen.

I highly recommend it--not too scary, great music, strong female leads, and that classic Disney humor.


Pajama day at school = happy!

George wanting to be in the picture, too = sad!


Our Elf on the Shelf has been very creative this year so far.

This is even more impressive considering he's picking most of his hiding places during the wee hours of the morning when Will gets home from work.  #greatesthusbandever


Troutman Sanders' had its firm Christmas party at The Jefferson Hotel this year.

And I got to try out one of my newest Nordstrom finds.  

The only thing invisible in this picture is the excruciating pain radiating from my feet.  If any of my readers out there knows a high heel brand that does not hurt, I am all ears.  As this picture suggests, I certainly can't wear flats around Will.

Happy, happy Thursday, everyone.  And I hope to write again soon!


  1. I can't imagine being without a kitchen for this long! I would say you're a trooper, but I guess you have no choice. We're thinking about expanding the kitchen and creating a pass-through/bar this spring when baby will be 8-ish months old. My poor chef compromised on this house: it had everything we needed for our growing family EXCEPT a chef's kitchen. So. I have that to look forward to!

    As for comfy fancy shoes, I **loved** my ballroom dance shoes when I was into that more than a decade ago. (Hobby? What's a hobby?!) As a dancer I'm sure you've thought of that. Mine had suede soles, which could be eaten up by concrete and asphalt. But!! They're comfy.

    Also, back when I was an event/conference planner, I swore by Easy Spirit (I know, I know) and Born. Other event planner friends LOVED Cole Haan's Nike line. I'm not sure if any of those get much fancier beyond lovely pumps, but they're worth checking out.

    Your blog is such a joy to read, as always!! Have a happy Christmas!!

  2. Susan! Thank you so much for passing on these shoes to me. When your main source of footwear begins with a "U" and ends with a "G," you get a bit spoiled in the comfort department! And thank you for reading all about my boring yet crazy life. I hope YOU have a Merry Christmas with your baby girl (her FIRST!). Will and I still talk about our first Christmas with Frances (who was about 6 weeks old)--it was such a special, magical time for all of us. Enjoy!

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