Monday, July 9, 2012

A little of what we've been up to

Will’s parents hosted a birthday celebration this past weekend:

Will’s mother also prepared a “seashore” dessert, perfect for little helping hands:

I can’t help but call this little guy Baby Justin, but he’s much more boy than baby now:


Nana stayed with us for several days last week during Lynchburg’s blackout. 

Nine days after the storm (and nine days into 100+ degree temperatures), my parents finally have power back.  I’m not sure they ever want to leave the lovely confines of their air conditioned house again.


My mother’s departing gift to me:

“Thank you” flowers.  It doesn’t get much more beautiful than pink roses in full bloom.


Sometimes, at the end of one of “those” days, it is easier to just let the kids run around in their underpants:

What is it about disrobing that creates instant energy and happiness in children?

George, the blur.  I can't help it - George in his undies makes me smile.


Will’s sweet Aunt Alison just recently passed away; we celebrated her life a week ago today:

George, Alison and Grandma Lee (June 2011)

I only knew her these last 10 years, but she was a remarkable person.  Her memorial service was filled with lovely words from those who loved her, a testament that she touched so many.  We will miss you always, Aunt Alison!


Frances drew this picture of the two of us:

I am most impressed with the eyebrows.  I think she kind of nailed them.


T minus 3 days until Spain:

I’m going to miss my little munchkins (who, wouldn’t you know it, are behaving like angels this week), but I’m very, very excited about our upcoming adventures.  I am most worried about George, my little shadow, but I know he will be in good hands:

In ten days’ time, he will no doubt become Nana’s little shadow.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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