Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My voice is my passport

Any other Sneakers fans out there? (“Hi, my name is Werner Brandes. My voice is my passport. Verify Me.”)  Such a great movie.  Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley – what’s not to love?

And speaking of passports, Will and I have been preparing for a much anticipated and MUCH appreciated trip to Spain this summer.  Alone.  Ten days, no children.  *GULP* 

Andalucia, Spain

Will’s cousin is getting married on the southern coast of Spain so we decided to take advantage of her incredible taste in wedding locations and stay a few days longer on either end of the big day.  Of course we couldn’t do this without the generosity of my parents, Gram-E and Mr. Pyles, and Will’s parents who are helping us with the Frances, George, and the dogs, respectively.  I need to start thanking them all now because I will never be able to show them enough appreciation for their energy and time in helping to facilitate our adventure (unless we send all 6 on their own 10-day European tour.  I’m sure Will’s heart just skipped a beat with that suggestion.).

Part of renewing your passport includes taking a new passport photo and similar to the DMV’s new rule (at least in Virginia), you are not allowed to smile in your photo.  Apparently the other lesser known and unwritten rule of passport photo-taking involves standing in the worst lighting ever so as to fully accentuate the sleep-deprived dark circles, thirty-something wrinkles, and desperate need for any form of make-up that doesn’t accompany a Disney Princess vanity set:

Could we look any worse?  (And please, don’t answer that.  I just realized that either a “yes” or a “no” response will be too painful and too true to hear.)

I have heard that this “no smiling” rule helps officials better determine whether the person holding the ID is the same person as is pictured in the ID.  Really?  Because I am more than likely going to look like this when handing over my passport:




I imagine Will is going to be equally as happy during our travels, but I will spare him in showing you all one of my favorite “happy Will” pictures.

Or, maybe not.  But isn’t that the best happy picture of all time?!

And speaking of happy, I’ll end this post with a picture from today that makes me happy – Frances and George having a picnic lunch outside in February.

I am fairly certain that this does not need explaining to mothers of 4-year-old girls, but Frances dresses herself. 
In a princess costume.
Every single day.

Today is another one of those magical, spring-like days and we’ve already taken full advantage of it, including a park outing complete with bike riding and soccer.  I read somewhere recently that one of the best things you can do for children is give them unfettered time outdoors.  Let them soak up the sun, watch the birds, chase the bugs (plenty out there today), and use their strong, little bodies however they choose.  All three of us did that this morning and all three of us are happier for it.

And on that note, I will sign off on another rambling blog post.  After singing its praises I suppose it would be unfair of me to blame my lack of cohesion on the weather, but it’s kind of definitely true (sun + heat + 2 preschoolers = tired, happy, unfocused mother).

Happy Wednesday (and happy February!) everyone!

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