Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow day!

There is something …

magical about a snow day, isn’t there?  Particularly when you’re four-years-old and have an entire backyard to explore anew.

George wasn’t quite as thrilled.

He preferred the view from the inside.

But Frances played until her hands were numb and her nose was red.

It was a perfect snowfall – about five inches overnight that easily melted on the roadways by midday.  And the blue sky background made for an incredibly beautiful day.

As the day wore on, Frances mourned the sound of melting snow and I had to smile.  I remember that same sadness when I was little—sunshine and snow were enemies and I rooted for snow every time. 

A (maybe) 8-year-old me.
Yes, that's Henry in the background, likely looking for sympathy after a gruesome sledding crash.

Undoubtedly, that is one of the many litmus tests for growing older – the season that snow crosses over from happiness to a pain in the neck.  Thankfully, Mother Nature allows us every so often to take a peek to the other side of the fence when she reminds us, through a child’s pure enjoyment, how snow is supposed to be experienced.  

On your back, making a snow angel:

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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