Sunday, February 26, 2012

The last pea on the vine

This week I started my last Ann Patchett book and I am admittedly a little sad:

I love Ms. Patchett’s writing so much that I am tempted to write her to ask, “Hey lady, when is the next book coming out because I am almost done with The Magician’s Assistant and then I’ll have no choice but to finish the Hunger Games series and we both know that just can’t happen.”  But somehow I’m afraid she may not receive that well.

In the meantime, I do have a few highly recommended books waiting in the wings; but if anyone has anything to suggest I am all ears.

One of my recent good reads has been:

Alexander McCall Smith’s series is fantastic.  I’ve just finished number 7 and I noticed he has just released number 13, so I am comfortably reading on without that ‘last pea on the vine’ fear.  The characters and Mr. Smith’s writing are contented, easy, and familiar and seem more like old friends than fiction at this point.  I love picking up the next book in the series anytime I need a ‘sure thing’ to enjoy; which may be sooner rather than later at this rate.

Happy Sunday, everyone!  My apologies for the short post, but my brain and body are both fried and hope for an easier day tomorrow.

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