Thursday, February 9, 2012


As I mentioned some time ago, I am not a naturally crafty person.  But I did get the crafting bug recently just in time for Valentine’s Day.  It may have something to do with the holiday itself – Valentine’s Day seems to be the only celebration where it is perfectly acceptable to give, receive, and hang up for all to see construction papered, glue stuck, irregularly shaped hearts, doilies and stickers.  With that low threshold in mind, I set out to make our first homemade Valentines. 

The true inspiration for my crafty bug (have I used the word “crafty” enough?) was these pictures of Frances and George.  I took this series during Christmastime and had them printed in passport sizes so I could use them for some tiny 2x3 frames we had floating throughout the house.  For various uninteresting reasons, I had about 12 extra pictures and the kids just happen to be wearing red and white (isn’t it nice for Christmas and Valentine’s Day to have similar color schemes.  Lovely holidays, those two.), so onto irregularly shaped hearts they went.

And here is my end result.
It's not apparent, but I added magnetic tape to the back so they could be hung up
I wish I could tell you that F&G helped me with these beauties, but no, that is all me.

Feeling a little overly confident, I decided to use the small heart cutouts to make a banner for the kitchen.  Frances did help me this time by putting the stickers on the hearts:

I think it’s safe to say that the stickers are the most sophisticated part of this little project.

All kidding aside, it was surprisingly fun to use scissors and glue again after a two decade hiatus.  I can understand why some creative souls enjoy scrapbooking and similar activities – if nothing else, it was a relaxing way to spent a Saturday afternoon.

But I think for now, my "crafty-ness" should begin and end with Valentine's Day.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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