Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday funday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

I almost typed that sentence with a straight face.  For those of you who don’t know our little family I assure you we are not a football watching crowd.  In fact, I am only writing this blog post now because I realized about 30 minutes ago when I was halfway out the door that today was the ‘big game’ day and Kroger would be a nightmare to navigate this afternoon.  So, come 6pm tonight you know where I’ll be – grocery shopping; and you know where I will not be – watching the Super Bowl.

Pre-Frances and George, grocery shopping was my dreaded errand.  I hated almost everything about it – that we were forced to shop on the weekends with what appeared to be everyone else in Chesterfield County, maneuvering the cumbersome grocery cart past exceptionally slow shoppers who always seemed to want to window shop for all-things cereal right in front of the Post Raisin Bran (“Hi, can I just … grab…that box…right there…maybe if I move your cart … k … thanks…never mind I’ll just bend directly over your head…”); and why did it always seem they were restocking the shelves in every single aisle on the busiest day of the week, not to mention the endless checkout lines.

Post-F&G?  Grocery shopping is a breeeeezzeeeee!  I love it and I’m not even remotely kidding.  Sunday afternoon naptime I jump in the car, turn on NPR, listen to the news all the way through, jump out of my car alone (can you picture the lilt in my step as I am performing said jump?), grab a cart all by myself (the one without the huge red car stuck to the front), and wander the aisles with glee.  Now that I think about it, I have probably become one of those aforementioned dreaded slow shoppers that others are trying desperately to move around while I remain completely oblivious to their need for speed.  Without my wonderful children, I can actually contemplate choices, compare prices, and (gasp!) even let my mind wander a bit.

Will showed me this cartoon he saw the other day posted on (ironically, he’s the only one in the family who has time to read ‘mom’ websites – but I give him major props for weeding through them just for me):

The face-down panel is 100% George. To this day, it is a small miracle if we can walk through an entire parking lot without his hands, face, or (more than likely) both purposely planted somewhere along the dirtiest/oiliest/wettest area of asphalt between the car and the store’s front door.

And so my love affair with Sunday afternoon grocery shopping grows stronger each week.  I’ll make an exception on Super Bowl Sunday, but just this one day, Kroger.  Same time, same place next week, my love.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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