Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paper dolls, snow, and date night

Yep, we had a big weekend.  My mother came into town on Friday for an unheard of two-night stay at the Homiller Bed ‘n Breakfast.  She is a trooper to voluntarily enter into our nest of crazy, but Frances and George were beside themselves with joy that Nana came to visit.

My mother always brings the greatest things for the children—usually a simple toy or something that a mother who raised four children knows will be used, loved and played with endlessly.  Last time, she brought Frances this pink fabric that was left over from my baby shower when I was pregnant with the little princess (cue the sniffles). 

I kid you not that this girl does something different with this piece of cloth every day—she’ll create cities, forts, houses, tents, she takes it outside, pulls George around on it, and at the end of every day it warmly houses her babies and friends for the night.  I am embarrassed to say I would have never thought that something so simple could be so entertaining (although it is eerily reminiscent of this excellent book (Simplicity Parenting) I am reading now and can’t wait to write about once I’m done).

This time, Nana brought her old paper dolls that my sister had also loved so many years ago.  Not surprisingly, Frances became immediately engrossed in the idea of dressing, undressing, and dressing them again until they each had the proper dress/hat combo to begin the day.  Truthfully, I am not sure who had more fun with them—Frances or Nana.  They were quite a team:

Saturday afternoon brought snow flurries.  This wasn’t just your classic hour long flurry that we were expecting, but thunder snow (and if you’re like me and have never heard of thunder snow, it is exactly what it sounds like—a huge clap of thunder followed by a snow shower and an intense amount of wind).  Being that it was the first snowfall of the season, Frances immediately made a beeline for the patio to eat the snow (she’s been talking about doing that since Christmastime when she was 100% certain it would snow because, well, it always snows at Christmas right?).

George went along with the program:

And speaking of George, he and Nana had some serious one-on-one reading time.  This boy and his grandmother are voracious readers; if I ever need either one of them, I can usually find them with their respective noses in a book:

And I don’t have any pictures to prove it, but Nana’s visit meant Will and I had another date night just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We were home by 9:30pm after wandering the halls of Target for an hour saying to each other, “We can’t go home at 8:30.  It’s date night for crying out loud.”  We are just that wild.

Mother and I went to church this morning at my grandparents’ former church to celebrate the one-year passing of my granddaddy.  It was wonderful, sad, healing, stomach-churning and hopeful all in one – a lot of emotions to digest in an hours’ time.  But I am so thankful I went to celebrate two incredible people who I still think about every single day.

And now, Will and the children will be stepping through our mudroom door any minute after spending the evening with his parents so I will wrap up my scattered thoughts and thank you for reading them (if you’ve even made it this far).

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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