Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I had a moment yesterday

At Monkey Joe’s of all places. 

George (who had been a PILL all morning) and Frances were jumping on one of the smaller moon bounces with another little boy.  George was trying to show his new, younger friend how to bounce high and hard when the two boys bumped heads.  Thankfully the other boy remained unscathed but George’s head took a beating and I could tell immediately that it really hurt.  He stopped bouncing, took his forehead in his hands and his bottom lip started quivering (the ‘real cry’ sign that all parents recognize).

I fully expected him to walk towards me for a hug, a kiss and an “I love you, little man.”  Instead he made a beeline for Frances, who was watching her little brother as intently as I was during this time.  He fell into her arms and cried.  She wrapped her tiny limbs around him, kissed his throbbing head and said exactly what I would have: “I love you, George.  You’ll be okay.”  I kid you not that the two of them embraced for about 20 seconds, an eternity for these preschoolers.

And I unashamedly cried.  These poor kids have inherited a weepy mother of all things.  Sheesh.

But in those 20 seconds I realized something – these little ones are going to be without me one day (later rather than sooner, please dear universe) and they will be just fine.  They will make it in this world because they have each other and they love each other - Frances the nurturing leader; George the feisty, softhearted lion.  This winning combination of traits will forever be linked as brother and sister and with that, they will make it.

And then I thought (rather, I prayed), ‘Please always love each other.  Please always be friends.  Please listen to each other, enjoy each other, adore each other, and respect each other.  Frances - always remember how much George looks up to you, aspires to be you (except maybe the whole princess thing), follows your every move, sometimes to your delight and sometimes to your displeasure.  George – always remember that Frances was the one you ran to that day; she is the one whose hand you hold when you’re both being scolded; she is the one who kissed your sweet head the day you were born.  You two may not always agree, but you will always be loved by your father and me more than you may ever know.  That is your common link when nothing else may seem to mesh.  Our love for you—equally, uniquely, immeasurably.’

I am blessed with children who adore each other and when I witness this sibling love it affects me more than I predicted.  For now, their love is innocent and uncomplicated.  But I often think about the future, as they pass through grade school age into preteens, teenager, and eventually into adulthood.  Undoubtedly their love will also evolve, likely becoming as complex as their respective life stages.  And I can’t help myself in desperately hoping that as their relationship transforms, the core, and most importantly the love, will remain strong. 


Because today, right now, it is as strong as I have ever seen it.  And their need for each other’s love, respect, strength and comfort will never change.  Believe me, I know:




Happy, happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. There is really nothing that can make me any prouder of my children than acts of sibling kindness. George is so lucky to have such a caring older sister, as Frances is lucky to have a rough-and-tumble partner in crime in George.

    Sometimes I just wish that Will had an older sister since they tend to be a bit more nurturing, from what I can tell. But then again, maybe Laura will benefit from having a crazy big brother. (At least that's what I'm telling myself!)

    And really, these moments, regardless of when and where they happen, give you hope as a parent (or just as a human being in general), don't they? They serve as reminders that there is so much good in the world. And that brothers and sisters can make anything better.

    Hope you guys have a good weekend!

    PS. I'm totally giving you some unsolicited advice by saying that you need to get a van for your next car. It's the greatest thing ever. The sliding doors alone are worth their weight in gold...