Friday, September 9, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do

After three long days of rain, thunder and lightning, we finally have merely a cloudy day (with some sun peeking out in short intervals looking startlingly bright after seventy-two hours of dark grey skies).  While the ground dries up, Frances, George and I set out this morning to one of our favorite indoor spots for blowing off some major steam—Monkey Joe’s.

For those of you who don’t know, Monkey Joe’s is essentially a large room with 10-12 moon bounces – in other words, my children’s heaven on earth.  No picture can capture the sheer magnitude of this place, but here goes:

If you look closely at the castle moon bounce, you can see our own little monkeys jumping their hearts out.

 And next you’ll find a series of pictures showing pink and orange blurs (that are Frances and George) in colorful cages (that are the moon bounces):

The slides are a favorite.

Admittedly I love this place, too.  The kids get great exercise and I inevitably find myself in an all-out laugh at some point during their hour-long jump fest watching their wobbly legs try to walk up and down the moon bounces like drunken sailors and falling down in the same manner.  Hilarious. 

This morning Monkey Joe himself made an appearance.  Frances was all over it.

George took it all in from a safe distance.

I can’t blame George; Monkey Joe is a little creepy looking.  And he also walks like the aforementioned drunken sailor—only he’s probably in his thirties and not on a moon bounce.  Of course, the "purple monkey" was all George could talk about on the drive home, during bath time (yep, they get so sweaty they got their evening baths before noon today), and through lunch.  I can only assume he's up in his bed dreaming about that odd creature as we speak.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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