Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Everything is complete"

This past Sunday my nephew Justin was christened, which lends itself to a long-overdue family gathering between Will’s side of the family (the Homillers) and our wonderful sister-in-law Becca’s side of the family (the Woolleys).  Justin is Becca and Charlie’s (Will’s brother) second son and he is absolutely adorable:

He is truly the happiest baby I have ever seen and I’ve seen some pretty darn happy babies in my time.  This little guy will watch Frances, George and big brother Trey play for hours without complaint – all smiles:

All of the cousins had a blast playing and eating together:

I was honored to be asked to be one of Justin’s godparents (along with Uncle Keith):

We look very godparent-like, yes?

I will try not to let you down Justin (starting with the life lesson “one shall not eat pearl necklaces.”):

I had to share this one of Uncle Will and Trey:

Those are two handsome boys!

At one point during the morning, Becca turned to me and said, “Things just seem right now.  Everything is complete.  I feel so happy.”  I just about cried.  No one deserves happiness more than Becca, who I think about often when get together as a family.  Becca and her siblings lost their mother several years ago (shortly before she met Charlie) and I cannot imagine how bittersweet these significant moments are with her children; to not be able to share them with your mother.  But on this special day, Becca had a glow about her and I could tell that she really did feel complete.  I have no idea how I would have made it thus far in my life without my mother by my side, but I know for certain that I would not have been able to do it with as much grace and sheer loveliness as Becca.  I was humbled by her happiness on that day and thank her for giving me appreciation for my own incredible mother – we should all be so lucky to feel that complete in light of such a huge presence missing.

A great day; a great family.  Everything is complete.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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