Monday, September 19, 2011

A picture-less play date

This past weekend, Will and I met up with some of our law school friends (or more specifically Libel Show friends – wahoowa!) for our first official “let’s get the kids together to play” date since they’ve moved an hour away from us a year ago.  We all had a blast—Frances and George were in heaven in the playroom and their adorable three-year-old Anna was very kind to let the gruesome twosome roughhouse a bit more than her three-month-old baby sister, Mae (aren’t those great names—Anna and Mae.  Three cheers for classic children’s names!).

Alli and Drew were both in my law school class but the four of us participated in the infamous Libel Show at UVa, so the morning was saturated with “remember that skit” talk, sprinkled with empathetic preschool/toddler/infant stories, and of course lots of catching up.  The Larsens are a great couple (I really wished they lived closer) who both teach at William and Mary Law School (Drew is also a small business attorney), but are much more down to earth than you would ever imagine considering their collective resumés (let’s just say that one of them clerked for Justice Souter on the US Supreme Court, has been published in distinguished law review journals and was recently quoted in the NY Times about something that was way the heck over my head.  And the other one is really good at soccer (yay Drew!).). 

It was wonderful to see them and we all promised to do it again soon (or at least sooner than a year from now…!).  Frances offered to stay with them “forever” (her words) because Anna was “so beautiful” (again, her words) and they have way better toys than we have at home (this is a summary of her ten minute diatribe explaining why we should be staying there “forever” as we were backing out of the driveway.  I think that just about captures it though.)

And as a sign of any good play date, I have zero good pictures to put up on the blog.  But I did manage to capture a few during lunch and Will figured out how to use the timer on my camera for an all-inclusive departing shot (except little Mae, who was trying her best to nap upstairs).

Lunch!  George is especially excited about any mealtime.

The beautiful Anna

Sweet baby Mae

Love this one.

A little out-of-focus, but appropriate considering the way past naptime hour.

Thank you Larsens!!  And Happy Monday everyone!

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