Friday, September 2, 2011

Paper and Ponytails

Did anyone else receive this in the mail this week?

This, my friends, is a 615 page catalogue from Restoration Hardware.  615 pages of shiny, dense, catalogue paper that I suppose is intended to entice me into buying a $6,000 sofa that would not even fit through our front door. 

I even feel guilty putting this novel in the recycling, so on the off-chance that anyone would like it, please let me know and it is on its way (absolutely no judgment, I promise; I’ll just be thrilled it can be used!).  The only positive explanation I can give to receiving this catalogue is that the economy must be doing much better for Restoration Hardware to send this out to a customer who has bought a $10 set of candles from them in the last five years.  That is the only reason I can justify for wasting this much paper when this is essentially a print out from their website.  Ugh.

And ugh to me – isn’t it Friday?  Shouldn’t I be much more positive??  YES!

Frances hit a milestone today when her hair was finally long enough to put in a true ponytail. 

In person, Frances looked like such a big girl with a ponytail. 
I am secretly relieved that she still looks tiny in these pictures!

She was over the moon and kept saying how she looked “just like you, Mommy!”  Two thoughts crept into my head upon hearing this—first, I wish I were as adorable and beautiful as my daughter; and second, poor girl only sees her mother in a ponytail because I am far too lazy to actually style myself each morning.

George was a big fan of the ponytail, too.

Can you see the tackle in progress?  Five stitches hasn't slowed this boy down one bit.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

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