Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The world lost a great man today.

Will's grandfather, William, passed overnight.  Thankfully, Will was able to say goodbye to him this week, but there is still a great sadness in our house today.  When you lose a grandparent, your childhood memories come flooding back, and in that moment you feel like a part of your childhood passed away with them.  But I like to think that our good memories of loved ones are Mother Nature's way of allowing us to continue to relive those special moments time and time again.  We may get older, have more responsibilities, more worries and even grow to look more like our beloved grandparents; but we will never forget certain times with them--the smells, the sounds, the unconditional love.

Grandpa Homiller joins a noble group of great and loved men.  As Frances said with a smile this morning, "now they can all be friends."

Grandpa Lee


And that thought alone makes me smile, too.  

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  If you are so blessed, hug your grandparents today. 


  1. Lucy, I'm so sorry for Will's loss. Frances' comment about beng all the grandfathers beng friends made me smile. I hope Grandpa Homiller gets to be friends with my Grandaddy, too. If they do, let me apologize in advance for any hijinx that may ensue, as Grandaddy was quite a character!

  2. Thank you so much, Amy! I'm sure your grandaddy and daddy were up there waiting - Grandpa Homiller was never one to leave home without a joke handy : )

  3. Lucy, please tell Will that I'm thinking of him. Actually, I'm thinking of all of you. He sounds like he was a wonderful and much-loved man. I'm so very fortunate in that I still have all four of my grandparents, and while I can't hug them right now, I most certainly will the next time I see them. And when I do, I'll think of Grandpa Homiller. Love to all of you!