Thursday, February 16, 2012

All in the family

During these past few warm, winter days, Frances and George have been spending hours in the backyard—running, picnicking, playing soccer and basketball, digging in the dirt (admittedly, my least favorite thing they do) and just generally soaking up the sun.  Frances in particular has a new obsession—climbing trees.  We don’t have many good climbing trees in our yard (at least not for your average four-year-old), but there are two on the far side of the fence line that suit her needs perfectly for now:

She told me the other day she wanted to climb high enough to see Lynchburg and Nana and Pop’s house.  A girl can always dream.

When I told Will about Frances’s latest tree-climbing passion, his eyes became pensive and he said in a distant voice, “I used to love to do that.”

Will, circa 1984
He still has that same smile. 
And can we all just marvel at those long legs - the dancer in me is green with envy.

George and I also share some similar traits.

Circa 1977
No hint of dancer in this photo.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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