Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten years with my Valentine

Feb. 2003 - after 11 months of dating


Feb. 2004 - engaged (and eventually married)!

My mother set this to print in the papers on Valentine's Day 2004.  Clever, that one.

Feb. 2005
This is quite literally the only picture we took from February 2005. 
Will made this sign to cheer me on for a race (The Va Beach marathon maybe?). 

Feb. 2006
No pictures of us, just one from the snow on Valentine's weekend.

Feb. 2007
Billy Blanks.  Need I say more?

Feb. 2008 – the year our world turned upside down (for the better)

Guess who is the spitting image of her father?
Our first bout with the flu - all three of us.

Feb. 2009
George's first picture moment, two days after Valentine's Day

Guess who still looks just like her father?

Feb. 2010 – the year we realized how easy we had it 2007 through 2009

Feb. 2011

Feb. 2012 – the best one yet!
Making Daddy's Valentine's card

Wearing Nana's prom queen crown

Valentine's kisses

Thank you, Will, for letting me be crazy, compulsive, obsessive, regressive, unpredictable, irrational, passionate, and most of all, for letting me love you. 

And a Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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