Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to the ordinary

Not a lot has been going on since my trip to Las Vegas and I loooooove it!  Catching up on laundry, sleep (sort of), and eating a bit healthier.  Oh, and then there's these little munchkins that I am in charge of:

Notice the chokehold.  A little sugar, a little spice--just like her mother.


Sunday was a perfect fall day, so we headed on to Point of Rocks Park in southern Chesterfield County.

Blue heron spotting.

If Will and I suddenly run away, the best place to look for us is somewhere in the out-of-doors (I know, I really narrowed down that search, didn't I?).  We both come alive in the fresh air and sunshine and we both want nothing more than to share this beauty with the kids.  For now, they are kindly letting us drag them to our favorite spots.


I found this in my brush drawer this morning:

"Mommy make sure that you don't hurt me when you brush my hair please."  Every morning I brush Frances's hair and every morning she silently (or sometimes not-so-silently) grimaces as I work through her tangles.  I love everything about this sticky note--that she feels I need a written reminder not to hurt her, her atrocious spelling (that she inherited from me I'm afraid), and most of all the 'please' at the end.  I am never throwing this away.


George and I played nap time hooky yesterday and went to the botanical gardens instead.

There won't be many more days like this until spring--how could I be expected to enforce a nap when there is a drum set made entirely from wood waiting to be played?


Marshall looking even more pitiful that usual in his lampshade collar:

He's been chewing on a few bumps around his paws and back.  The vet removes them this week, but until then he'll be looking a little more Elizabethan than usual.  Forsooth.


Happy Tuesday from these crazy pumpkin heads!  

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