Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catching up

Somehow another week has come and gone since Will's big partnership news (and my last blog update).  Don't worry; his new status hasn't gone to his head.  Yet.  In fact, this is a more accurate portrayal of how he ends each day:

Dramatic interpretation, of course.  I'm thinking he should keep his day job.

It's considered a victory just to make it home before the rest of us are in bed.


We celebrated Frances's 6th birthday with an indoor pool party at our local gym.

They did a fantastic job, complete with a clown, games, cake, party favors, and lots (and lots) of swimming.  We sent 10 very tired children home to their parents--our gift to them!


True to form (for some torturous reason?), I ran a race the morning of Frances's party.

2013 Richmond Half-Marathon.  Happy to have that over!

The kids and Will surprised me at the finish line, which really was a perfect way to end.  I usually insist they stay at home because of the confusion, cold (and this year, rainy) weather, and generally non-family friendly atmosphere.  But I have to admit, it made my morning to see these three faces cheering for me during that last 'sprint.'


When Nana visits, everyone gets new clothes.

Marshall, our now hairless dog (due to an overzealous groomer), has a new winter sweater.  I'm wondering in what other ways we can humiliate this poor boy between now and Christmas.


First daddy/daughter dance at Frances's school!

And as it turns out, it was neither a dance nor just daughters.  But according to both parties involved, it was still a great evening at the school gym--games, desserts, and lots of Frances's adorable little friends. Frances may be shy like her mother, but she is a true social butterfly.  I admire her ease at making and keeping wonderful friends.


George, our resident clown.

The other evening, Will and I went into another room (away from the children) to talk about something in private.  When we returned, Frances asked what we were talking about.  I replied, "We were just talking about adult things, sweetheart."  George asks, "What; like, 'underpants.'"

Proudly (and quite manly, I'd say) wearing his sister's sunglasses.

Life with a boy.


Frances has a new crush this year.

Connor was the only boy from her school invited to her party.  I'm guessing the secret is out, but just in case it's still a secret you didn't hear it from me!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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