Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We’ve had quite a busy and fun five days since leaving to visit my parents and family this past Wednesday.
In reverse chronological order, we spent Easter lunch with Will’s family.  Will’s mother has the unique ability to make an entire tableful of food that is not only delicious, but is exactly what our children love to eat (mac n’ cheese, broccoli, biscuits, carrots, some additional food for us adults, and of course cake).  All of this wonderful eating occurred after the Easter bunny festivities at our house earlier that morning, including the jellybean hunt:

Will passed this tradition to our family of hiding jellybeans throughout the house for the children to find.  While we’ll probably still find the more stealth jellybeans come Christmastime, it is worth every moldy bean to see the look in Frances and George’s eyes each time they find another one.

The Easter bunny was much too kind to me this year – he brought me a new camera!  With a much appreciated thank you to one of my best college friends, Sara, for her suggestion, I received a Canon Powershot G12 and I love it!  (As an aside, for those of you who enjoy excellent writing and the cutest kids west of Virginia, check out Sara's blog - she is the best!)

Once we were all sufficiently sugared-up and dressed for dinner, it was off to the Homillers’ to celebrate Easter and two birthdays – Charlie and Becca.

Frances and Daddy ended the day at the circus (I know, I know – our children have no idea what the real world is really like!?  The Easter bunny and circus in the same day.  Who does that?)

Frances the Princess Clown

Sadly, I wasn’t there to write about Frances’s first circus experience, but from what I hear she was completely enthralled, had the time of her life and cried when it was over.  In essence, the same reaction she had at her first Nutcracker ballet.  My children have convinced me that God’s greatest gift to parents is a three-year-old’s genuine joyous reactions to new experiences.  And an eighteen-month-old’s ability to find Lowes to be the most exciting place to run around on a rainy afternoon.

Next post…Nana and Pop’s house!

Thank you again, Easter bunny, for my new camera - did I mention how much I love it!

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  1. Lucy, you are so incredibly sweet...

    I'm so "exciting" (as Will would say) about your new camera! You are seriously going to love it. (I also have a book that I really like that explains how to use the camera outside my lazy girl's approach to taking pictures, a.k.a. auto. It's by Jeff Carlson and it's called "Canon G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots" or something similar.)

    On another subject, I love the kids in their Easter finery. Is there anything cuter than a sweater vest (and the boy wearing it, of course)? And the Princess Clown just about did me in--I can't wait for Laura to be bigger so we can do this kind of stuff with her! I can't WAIT to see them!!

    This could be a record for my shortest comment yet! Again, thank you for your kind words. I'm so, so lucky to call you my friend. Love you...