Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few experimental shots

My love for my new camera has not faded.  Love, love, loveWhile I can’t even pretend that I know most of the functions it performs, I have enjoyed experimenting with the “auto” function.  Some of my favorites (other than the Easter pictures already posted)…

My diva.  The pout was completely unprompted.

My boy, newly shorn and looking like he's ready for Kindergarten

The Ball Saga.  Fairly self-explanatory.

Frances and the fountains.

George avoiding the fountains.

Thankfully, the children are becoming immune to the constant picture-taking; I am afraid I am developing a bit of an addiction!


  1. I love the pictures! I think the best part of having a camera capable of taking really good pictures is the possibility of enlarging them to hang up for everyone to see. (Says she who has yet to do so. But still, it's always an option.)

    I love the Frances pout and her curls. (I would love for my hair to look like that, actually...) And what is it with boys getting haircuts that suddenly result in them looking at least a year older?!? Does this also happen with girls? I have yet to find out.

    And finally, The Ball Saga reminds me of a cute little book called "My Friend Rabbit" that Will finds uproariously funny.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Hey Lucy,

    I've enjoyed learning about your little sweeties through your blog. You mention this new camera... can I inquire what kind? My trusty camera was just dropped and broken for the second time. The camera's repairable days are numbered. I think I need to start planning for a new one...

    Carla (McDaniel Shannon '00)