Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's all about Me(me)

I try not to publish the adorable phrases my children say while they are still mastering the English language, in part because they never come across funny, cute or charming on paper (“Mommy, I am fwee and you are really old…you must be foow.”  See, just not that charming to me).

But George does say one thing that has a particular appeal and is definitely share-worthy – he calls me “Mimi” instead of Mommy.  He certainly knows how to say mommy because he will repeat it back to me if I ask.  But he chooses to say Mimi.

Who knows why?  Maybe it’s easier for him to say.  Maybe he’s gotten enough positive reactions from people that he now does it for effect.  Maybe (as per my sister’s tongue-in-cheek explanation) it’s because George is just a tad bit egocentric at this age (What?  Never!) and I am just an offshoot of him, as in “Me-Me.”

Whatever the reason, it makes me smile.  There is nothing I love more than to hear the very faint (or sometimes not so faint) “Miiiimiiiii!” coming from his bedroom in the morning or after naptime.  And of course, I never have to wonder whether it is George calling for me on the playground (no more false alarms from other children calling “Mommy!!!”  Unless of course Frances is with us in which case I join all of the other mothers in our collective “YES?” to answer the mystery child’s cry).

Mimi loves you, George!

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