Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten years and counting

This past weekend was my tenth year college reunion.  Although the Randolph-Macon Woman’s College class of 2001 celebrated with quality over quantity (read: a grand total of 5 of us showed up for the par-tay), we still had a terrific time catching up and reminiscing on campus.

Saturday morning began with the class meeting where 4/5ths of the total attendees were present (we missed you April!).  What was supposed to be a serious gathering of the class member to elect class officers and solicit volunteers (and money) for various positions and functions turned into a classic gab sessions between the four of us.  Sara, Laura, Meredith and I all lived on the same hallway during senior year; we all know the same classmates; and we are all mothers and wives.  Two hours for the class meeting was not nearly enough time.

So, we trekked on over to the legendary Cavalier for their famous seasoned fries (with ranch dressing – holy cow they are good), to meet up with some of our husbands and children, April and her husband, and to continue with the same topics of conversation (i.e. everything except talking about boring alumnae stuff).

April, Sara, (baby) Laura, (adult) Laura, Meredith and me

Later that night after saying goodbye to Meredith and April, the rest of us attended the Saturday evening event at the school—dinner and a band at the school’s outdoor amphitheater, the Dell.

Before the party though, Will, Frances, George and I walked around my old school so I could show them around the beautiful buildings and grounds.  The three of them graciously listened as I shared random memories associated with various places on campus.

George was much more impressed with the flags (a serious obsession of his these days):

Frances loved the stage (of COURSE!):

They both loved the trolleys:

And everyone (especially Daddy) loved the pool table:
George is saying "BALL!"

George is probably still saying "BALL!"

Then it was off to the Dell.  Dinner was made much better by our very own centerpiece, Miss Laura (Sara’s adorable little one-year-0ld).

I mean, if this girl can’t convince Will that #3 is a good idea, I don’t know who can!

Frances and George did well at dinner, but really livened up once the band started playing.  They both absolutely love music (maybe all children do?) and George even managed to reel in an admirer for a final dance at the end of the evening.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend.  And while I am still sad and a bit angry at my alma mater for its decision several years ago to go co-ed (something I am sure I will address in another post), I actually found it very easy to put those feelings aside and just enjoy being on campus again.

As my friends and I were talking over the weekend, I heard several times “I can’t believe it’s been ten years since we were here.”  Truthfully, I have to say that those college days seem a million miles away to me now.  Since 2001 I have attended and graduated from law school, met and married my soul mate, passed the bar (thank goodness), bought a house, worked for two law firms, bought a car, had two of the most amazing children, and now I have stopped working.  I am both shocked and eternally thankful I have had such incredible luck these past ten years.

Here’s to ten years…and counting!

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  1. I already miss you, Frances and George (and Will, too, of course, but not in a creepy way like that may have come across!). You did a much better job than I did of capturing everything, as I took a total of six pictures that are mostly of Laura sleeping in various places.

    And you're right. It was, in fact, good to be back on campus, despite my former (and current) mental state regarding the coed matter. I've thought about it a lot since the weekend and have a few thoughts that may or may not get some written attention in some form or fashion later on, perhaps.

    I can't say how great it was to finally get to meet those sweet babies of yours. They are so, so well-behaved and a such an utter joy to be around. Truly.

    And, on a similar subject, hopefully Laura works her magic for you (and me, too!)!