Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I am writing a very last-minute post to my wonderful husband, Will, who deserves much more than I could ever craft in words.  We have just returned from an incredible evening the highlight of which was Frances’s first dance recital (yes, you know I will write more on that later!) and dinner with a large portion of her entire fan club, which included Frank, my father-in-law Jerry, and my pseudo-father-in-law “Mr. Pyles” as Frances calls him.  All that was missing was my fourth father, Daddy, to round out a true Father’s Day dinner!  Unfortunately such a fun-filled day has left me completely deprived of enough time to dedicate to thanking Will for these last 3 ½ years of parenthood.

Will never ceases to amaze me with his seamless transitions from bachelorhood to incredible husband and then right into fatherhood.  I grew up in a huge family and was lucky enough to be around babies from the beginning.  Will comes from a smaller family where all of his cousins were relatively close in age and he was the first of his generation to start having children—so needless to say, Will didn’t have a lot of experience with babies.  All of that changed the moment Frances was born.

First picture of Will as a father.  I am still in awe of the sheer joy in Will's face as he looks in Frances's eyes.  I think the finger-wrapping started here!

Will and George - father/son at its best!

Will changed both babies' first diaper (that lovely meconium one) and had a magic touch during those tough late-night crying spells.  He is most certainly the fun, creative parent (in fact, I sometimes wonder if he should be the stay-at-home figure instead of me), but he can also be strict when necessary.  Both Frances and George’s eyes light up the second they see Daddy walk through the door in the evenings – they simply adore their father.  And so do I!

Thank you, Will, for giving me the greatest gifts on the planet—Frances and George—and for being a true partner in parenting.

Happy Father’s Day to my incredible husband, to my other aforementioned four fathers above, and to all of you wonderful fathers out there who deserve a day of celebration in your honor!  Us mothers, daughters and sons are lucky and thankful to have you in our lives!

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