Thursday, June 16, 2011


First, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who commented (or emailed) on my last post.  It is refreshing and comforting to know that so many parents have the same thoughts and fears about this topic (not to mention some great ideas to help me!).  All I can say is, our next generation is in great hands with parents like all of you.  Thank you, thank you.

Now, for a change of pace (whew!) I came home from the gym this past Sunday morning to find Will taking some experimental shots with our camera (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new camera?!).  We have yet to learn everything we need to know about its various features (much less read a book or take a class on how to take better pictures – there’s a thought!), but it has been fun to test out some of these options even if it does look a bit like amateur hour on film.

Some of my favorite shots from the weekend...

This series uses the color accent feature, which focuses on a single color and keeps everything else black and white:

These are my favorite shots using this option (I’m thinking of framing them for our walls, although I have no idea what they will look like printed out.  I’ll keep you posted.):

And just in case anyone is wondering, my children do wear clothes 99% of the time.  But I find myself grabbing my camera anytime they are in diapers/bloomers only because they are just so darn cute.

Below is what Canon calls “color swap,” exchanging one color for another.  In this case, Frances requested that her skin be purple (of course):

This shot is a little weird when the camera turned George's hair red (apparently his hair and his skin are the same color because it just turned everything red):

Purple grass (okay, this feature needs some perfecting):

And I am not sure what Will was trying for here, but it's just such an adorable close-up of my girl I had to share:

Those eyelashes!

My least favorite feature, the "fish eye":

Can someone please explain to me when this is a necessary option in picture-taking? 
Finally, the "miniaturization effect" is supposed to make the background appear miniature (a la "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood").  This feature didn't work well in the house, but I'm curious to see how it will look in outside pictures:

As if they needed any more help looking miniature. 
Happy Thursday everyone!

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