Saturday, June 25, 2011

This month on my kitchen windowsill...

…there is:

A bar of soap that my mother used to “grease” the drawers of my grandparents’ secretary.  I was lucky enough to be given this incredibly gorgeous piece of furniture upon my grandfather’s passing; but considering its age (at least 65 years old), the drawers don’t work as smoothly as they should.  My mother’s trick?  Rub soap on the areas that are sticking and it works like magic.  This technique also works well for sticky doors (such as George’s closet door) that have probably just warped.  But who has time to saw down a warped door especially when soap works just as well?

Carmex lipbalm.  I am officially addicted to this.

Anti-inflammatory prescription medicine.  Sad to say, my running has been sidetracked a bit by my right knee.  For several months, my knee would swell after a run; sometimes slightly, sometimes substantially.  But because no pain has ever accompanied the swelling, I just kept on running.  All of this changed about a week ago when Will introduced me to his parents’ Wii Fit “Just Dance” game and I came home with a cantaloupe-sized kneecap.  My doctor has since drained the fluid (just typing those words sends shivers down my spine), referred me to physical therapy, prescribed said painkillers, and instructed me not to run for a month.  I think all of that was worth the near perfect score I received in my rendition of “It’s Raining Men.”  Never fear though, Will still scored higher than me.

One partially-chewed dog bone.  Just as before, Marshall is still not finishing his nightly rawhide bones.  But I have since gotten a bit savvier and just continue to give him the same bone each evening to toss around, gnaw on a bit, and leave in the middle of the Oriental rug (of course).

A penny.  For our continued good luck!

A magnet.  I actually had to ask Will what in the world this was before I started writing this post (thankfully, he knew).  This tiny magnet came from the cat door installed by our house’s former owners that leads from the mudroom to the kitchen.  We have no cats, only two unusually large Bichons.  And yet, when Max and Marshall are infrequently asked to stay in the mudroom because we have company over, Max can be found pushing his 30+ pound body through the cat door.  The first time he did it, Will and I were so flabbergasted we didn’t trust our own senses.  So, the next time we set up the video camera to tape Houdini in action.  The magnet is a mere casualty of this amazing event and now Will and I are trying to figure out if it is even worth gluing back on.

My beloved Radio Shack indoor/outdoor thermometer.  Still working!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your knee and hope that it's better really soon... but I also cracked up at the near perfect score for your "It's Raining Men" performance bit. The serious artist always has to suffer for their art, no?

    And it's funny that you mention the bar of soap technique. I had read that somewhere a while back and forgotten about it (or maybe one of my grandparents told me?). It'll come in handy now that it's summer and our bedroom door sticks any time the humidity is up. I just don't see us breaking out the saw and/or sand paper to get rid of the problem but a bar of soap, I think I can do.

    Hope you guys are having a good week!