Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frances Photography

For over a year now, Frances has been taking pictures with our not-so-great, spare digital camera.  As I was browsing through our family computer the other day looking for some other old pictures, I stumbled upon a folder labeled “Frances Photography.”  Thankfully, Will has had the good sense to save all of Frances’s pictures and I found myself laughing until tears ran down my face (and waking up George from his nap – oops) looking through them.  You’ll notice that many of the pictures look fuzzy and out-of-focus, most of which is a direct result of tiny little fingerprints all over the camera lens. 

Understandably, one of Frances’s favorite subjects is Daddy:

These completely crack me.  Frances must think her father is 8 feet tall.

George was also an easy target, although it appears most of these shots occurred before he became mobile and a tad more feisty:

Not surprisingly, Frances seems to capture a lot of bottoms:

And a fair amount of tops:

And what great photographer doesn’t take a few self-portraits:

This is by far my favorite shot – Will in an all-out laugh watching his little Ansel Adams in the making take these ridiculous pictures:

And finally, the photographer herself, looking as mischievous as ever:

(I think George made that same face earlier tonight.  Oh boy.)

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