Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're back!

Will and I are back from our much too quick but much needed and appreciated four-day excursion to Puerto Rico…and we had a blast!  I want to write a more detailed post about our adventures once I have gotten used to parenting again (wait, you mean I can’t have a mojito while strolling the beach tonight?  What else is there to do?).  In the meantime, below are just a few pictures from our trip:

And I can’t say goodnight without a very special “Thank You!” to my own personal dream team of volunteers -  my parents, Will’s parents and Elinor and Tom Pyles for helping us with Frances, George, Marshall and Max these past four days.  Whoever said it takes a village to raise a family was 100% correct—and I have the best village around.  We could not have done it without these six people and I can’t thank them enough.  You made these two people very, VERY happy!


Have a great week everyone!

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