Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santas on parade

This past weekend was the annual Richmond Christmas parade.  Frances and Will have gone every year; George and I just started joining them last year; and this year was the first time in everyone’s memory that it wasn’t freezing.

I am not kidding when I tell you that Frances and George sat peacefully on this wall during the entire parade.  No complaining, no fidgeting, no sighs, no pouts, no requests to run around (of which there was ample room to do).  I’m not sure if it was true parade enjoyment or just the subconscious knowledge that Santa would make his appearance (I’m beginning to like the naughty/nice leverage St. Nick has given us parents during this time of year) – either way, it turned out to be a great morning outing.

Our great mayor even joined in:

You can’t go wrong with fire trucks (at least not in this family): 

Or the Shriners in their signature miniature cars:

And I always love a good marching band (from nearly all of the local high schools):

And finally, Santa!

While F&G may have behaved like Christmas angels on Saturday, their mother was feeling more like the Grinch.  I woke up grumpy and couldn’t shake it most of the day.  So Will gave me the greatest gift (ALONE TIME!) on Sunday and took the kids to see Santa at his parent’s country club while I enjoyed a long, sunny, warm, late morning run – pure heaven.  After weeks of running in the pitch black early morning, I had forgotten how nice it was to sleep in and run when I could actually see where I was stepping (not to mention feel the sun on my face).  Needless to say, Sunday was a great day.  And not just for me:

Will's parents (Grandma and Grandpa) with George, Trey, Justin and Frances

Ho, Ho, Ho!

George remains wary but curious about the whole Santa thing. 
Frances would leap into his arms if it meant she could get a Barbie car for Christmas (she's not). 

I am telling you, George is meant to be a middle child:

G and Justin

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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