Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bits and pieces

40 bags/40 days progress

So far, so good on my Lent project front.  As I had assumed I would do, I tweaked my system a bit because I realized going room to room each day doing the same things wasn't efficient.  If I have the vacuum out I need to just go ahead and vacuum the entire downstairs.  I also realized that I had about 15-20 organizing projects and about 5-10 major cleaning projects on the list (i.e. clean out garage refrigerator), so I made a separate list for those to help organize my thoughts.  I love having a sheet of quick-ish things to do when I find myself having an extra 30 minutes because the kids are happily playing together.

This past year, I have found that is one of the tougher parts of being at home - a complete lack of control over blocks of time.  At the start of any given day, I have no idea whether that morning will include catching up on five loads of laundry or just putting out the many fires igniting in the playroom because the kids aren't getting along.  Having a running list of to-dos has helped bridge the gap between those two extremes and I can usually get something done every day.

Downton Abbey

I know I am way late to the party, but I started watching season one of Downton Abbey and I. am. hooked.  I love it and it might be the only thing (other than the kids, I suppose) that could keep me from completing the 40-day project before Easter - it is just that good.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that I am not a big TV person (other than the 10 or so different Real Housewives that I tape to watch during those aforementioned 5-loads-of-laundry days; yes, I know, so very classy).  But I couldn't ignore the rave reviews coming from my parents and friends, so I bit the bullet and started watching and I am so glad I did.  I had forgotten that a well-written script (similar to a well-written book) can inspire, cultivate and encourage your imagination and interest in things other than what is going on under your own roof.  I can't recommend it enough (except maybe to Will who is drowning in "oh my gosh, you have GOT to see this show!"  I think I lost him when he heard that there would be British accents.)

Do you want to see something scary?

Just take a horizontal glimpse of your kitchen countertops after you think you've cleaned them.  Ugh.  Does anyone else see the countless crumbs that I missed?

Another snow day

We had another quick snowfall this week that lasted maybe half of the morning.  It was my kind of snow - pretty but completely drivable.  Frances barely made an appearance in it before asking if we could go to the children's museum instead. 

Big bad wolf

Please don't hate me, but I can't be the only person I know who has this song in his or her head for the rest of his or her life:

Will introduced our lucky family to this little skit.  He remembered it from childhood and (shocker) F&G love it.  I don't let them watch it anymore (I am (stupidly?) trying to wean them off of any screen time), but we have the music on Will's computer and it stands as the number one most played song this month on iTunes.  I hear it in my sleep; I run to its rhythm on my morning jogs; I sing it in the shower; it will be with me until I die.

And now it will be with all of you.

On that note, happy Tuesday everyone!  And a special congratulations to my brother's father-in-law, Coach McKillop, and his basketball team, the Davidson Wildcats, for winning the Southern Conference championship and securing a spot in the NCAA tournament!  It was an exciting night for our family (and always fun to see your brother and his wife on ESPN2)! 


  1. I've GOT to make a list like yours - especially now that I've got a foot injury and can't run, freeing up an awful lot of time!

    Also - I've been wanting to see that show Downton Abby! Where do you find season one? Online?

    1. Karen - I just commented on your blog, which made me realize that I can actually REPLY to a comment on mine. It has taken me a year to figure this out (or notice that you did it; I'm not sure I even deserve any "figuring it out" credit). See what motherhood will do to you? Take care and heal up soon!