Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out like a lamb

I am floored that March is almost over and that this post will very likely be my last one this month.  Frances, George and I are heading to Lynchburg tomorrow for a much overdo Nana and Pop fix, and while the ‘burg is great for relaxing and rejuvenating, it is not so great for blog posting.  But our trip should give me some great material for April posts and hopefully a new picture or two of the munchkins with some of their favorite family members.

To end this month, I thought I’d post pictures of my two little lambs (a-o!) caught in the act.

As I was cooking dinner last night, I suddenly realized Frances and George were being much too quiet for much too long.  When I peeked outside I saw that they had found the outside hose that I had left on a slow trickle to water one of our browning trees.  They were having such a great time with the hose that I stuffed the conservationist in me as far away as she would go and just let them play with it.  They soaked themselves to the bone forcing an early bath time, but the watery giggles that came from the patio were 100% worth it.  As far as I’m concerned, every child should experience an afternoon of backyard water play at least once a season.  And is there any better way to quench a sundrenched afternoon thirst than by drinking straight from the hose?

Caught in the act last spring, too (April 2011)

Happy Thursday, everyone! 

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