Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March - a study in extremes

This past Saturday, the Richmond Flying Squirrels (one of the San Francisco Giants’ baseball farm teams) had a kids fest and since I have three children (Frances, George and Will) when it comes to all-things baseball related, we couldn’t miss it.

There is nothing quite as exciting as being able to run around on a picturesque baseball outfield, particularly when Nutsy the Squirrel is involved:

George was obviously wary of good ol’ Nutsy, but then spent the rest of the morning obsessing over where he was and whether he could give him a hug.  No doubt that old saying rings true for George – keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

And don't let these sunny photos fool you – it was absolutely freezing.  We had a great time, but had to leave sooner than expected when we realized that none of us could feel our hands anymore.  All was not lost though:

When we were leaving the stadium, we came across a woman who had set up some of her baby animals, most of which you could pet or even hold.  The baby pigs just about undid me – they were only 10 days old and could not have been happier wrapped together in the fleece blanket.

Seriously adorable.

And today, a mere three days later, it is sunny and 80+ degrees.

Frances’s sole wardrobe goal is to be able to wear short sleeves.  My gal was over the moon when I told her it was definitely warm enough to wear a summer dress and we were going to the botanical gardens.

Not surprisingly, Frances specifically requested her picture be taken next to the sea of purple.

George was just thrilled Nutsy was nowhere to be found.

Only two scraped knees later (yep - one per child.  Not to digress too much, but can someone please tell me why the chances of both kids tripping over their own feet is 100% when we are 30 minutes from the closest "Disney" band-aids?) and we are happily planning our afternoon outdoors.  March is tricky - if you don't take advantage of her nice days, she'll throw in some cold, rainy or even snowy ones in towards the end for good measure.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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