Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Endless entertainment

This weekend Will installed a birdfeeder.

We’ve been meaning to put this up for, oh, most of our marital relationship but just like many other things on that ‘someday’ list, other to-dos took priority.  But finally!  We are now a birdfeeder family.

Foolishly, I was a bit concerned the birds wouldn’t find it or would be turned off by its location (right next to our trashcan area).  I see now I needn’t worry.

I kid you not, I could spend most of the day at our kitchen window watching these little beauties come and go.  And as you can see I have yet to learn the lesson that a camera cannot quite capture images through a screen.

Can you spot the stalking squirrel?

He actually made a flying leap for the feeder only to fall surprisingly gracefully to the ground.  George and I have been giggling ever since.

A day in the life of Lucy.  Beyond exciting, I know.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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