Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Prince Charming

Another (what I assumed to be) ordinary Wednesday and I come down to the kitchen this morning to find this:

Will remembers everything—even the eleventh (!!) anniversary of our first date.  Eleven years ago today was also a Wednesday when Will picked me up in his timeworn Plymouth Valiant.  We headed to dinner at a local Charlottesville restaurant and then caught the rerelease of E.T. (he brought tissues in the event that I’d weep like a baby.  He knew me even then!).  All in all it was a perfect first date followed quickly by a next day phone call and many, many more (a lifetime of) dates and dinners.

We laughed this morning at trying to recreate that first date.  At this stage in our lives I’m lucky enough to make it through dinner awake; there’s no way on earth I could follow that with a movie.  But even a simple meal out with just Will and me feels like a first date all over again—we laugh at each other’s jokes, we hold hands, we appreciate spending those precious minutes together.  It will probably be years until I can make it through dinner and a movie, primarily because of these three warm bodies:

Don’t let their stillness fool you.  I am fairly certain Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on the TV.

Until then Will, thank you for these last eleven years.  And thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping your dance card empty.  We’ll be out there again in no time!

I love you!  And happy Wednesday, everyone!

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