Friday, March 1, 2013

This and that

**Thank you all so much for your messages about my neck!  It’s feeling much better today and will (hopefully) continue to improve as the days go on.  I wouldn’t wish that kind of soreness on anyone, but it’s always nice to have friends and family who cater to your pitiful need for sympathy : )**

Frances’s Kindergarten class had a Valentine’s party two weeks ago:

Parents and siblings were invited to attend.  George and I aren’t one to turn down an afternoon of Oreo cookies.

Frances’s teacher, Mrs. Linkous.  

She adores her, I adore her.  If only she could be her teacher forever (or at least through elementary school).  Sometimes I think those one-room schoolhouses were on to something.


A day in the life of Marshall

1.  A nap in the sunshine, if available

2.  Dinner

And that’s about it.


Frances and George pretending to run so I could take their picture.

I think they should keep their day jobs.

And an actual action shot for good measure.

Frances was racing; George was the finish line.  I’m sure you can envision how this scene ended.


The extent of any privacy I get during the day.

A closed door with two sets of hands immediately on the other side.  And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


For the umpteenth time this year, George and I braved Maymont.

It was cold, but sunny and we were the only souls around who weren’t park employees.  The animals came out just for us, calm and almost human-like.  I like to think they missed seeing park guests for the better part of winter.

For some reason, the fox always reminds me of Marshall.  It must be his penchant for a sunny spot to nap.
George and the fox


My kitchen sink desperately needed a good scrubbing, so I spent an hour or so one morning with the Clorox bottle and a (now) very white washcloth.


By the way, these are the posts that my mother reads with a sigh and thinks, “So this is what seven years of higher education gets you.”


Frances with her very first French braid.

It was a messy undertaking with her too short hair and my inability to braid on anyone other than myself.  But she loved it and wore it for the rest of the day.


And what better way to end a post than with a gorgeous sunset.

I took this picture a week or so ago when we were leaving Frances’s dance studio for the evening.  Each year, around mid-February, you realize the day is suddenly a minute or so longer and every day after that the sun sets a little later.  It won’t be long now until it’s still light outside when Will arrives home.


Happy Friday, everyone!  And happy first day of March - yipee!

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