Monday, April 8, 2013

Charlottesville Half Marathon

The kids and I are back from our Lynchburg vacation happy, exhausted, and enjoying our final day of Spring Break (hellooooo ten days of school break.  Why couldn’t they have done that when I was little??).  And while Frances and George had a full night of Nana and Pop time, I was able to escape an hour north to meet up with these lovely gals:

Karen, me and Cyndi (short, shorter, shortest)

Karen, Cyndi and I all went to high school together.  And frighteningly enough, I had not seen them since we graduated a mere 19 years ago.  Somehow, however, I look to have aged 19 years and they look exactly the same.  I’m not sure where the justice is in that little fact, but I have a sneaking suspicion my wrinkles have a lot to do with the two rug rats I left behind at my parents’ house that night.

My adorable little youth-zappers

Through Facebook and blogs, the three of us came to realize that after nearly 20 years apart we all enjoyed the same masochistic hobby of running races.  So about six months ago we started planning a race to run together and the Charlottesville Half Marathon hit at just the right time and was just the right distance for us.

The race was tough (hills, hills and more hills) and was by far my slowest 13.1 miles; but the course was incredibly beautiful and it was so much fun to start and end a race surrounded by these two smiling faces.


While we were in the area, we stopped in on another high school friend, Bryce, who had just had her fourth (yes, FOURTH) child.

And now for some complete injustice—how is it that the beautiful blonde has a three-week-old as well as three others?

We had a great time catching up and since we were all frustrated by our times, I’ve made an executive decision that the two of them must come back and run the Richmond Half Marathon sometime in the next year or so.  Fall weather, flat course, 8am start time (as opposed to the 6:30am start of the C’ville Half Marathon!)—how can we not try it again?!

Thanks so much girls for getting together!  Here’s to a November 2014 running reunion!  


  1. I am in for The Richmond 1/2 2014. I had so much fun this time around, how could we not do it again?!?! Next time hopefully with better times and I won't plan another race the next day. :)
    I still think we should all try our hand at the Virginia 10 miler in Lynchburg in Sept. I know I will be there (and Karen too)!

    1. I'll be there, too! Barring any injuries, of course (I hate to jinx myself at this point : ))