Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Opening Day!

Ah, yes; if you can believe it baseball’s opening day has finally arrived and we are in full celebration mode at Casa Homiller (just like 2011 and 2012).  The kids picked out their own outfits this morning before I could clue them in and wouldn’t you know they chose RED and BLUE.  Braves colors.  It’s in the genes, I tell you.

This scene is happening right now—Frances and George are sloooooowly finishing dinner while watching both the Braves v. Phillies game and their father contort himself at nearly every swing of a Braves’ bat.  They are completely fascinated.

If you all love Will (and who doesn’t love Will??) send winning vibes down to Atlanta for the remainder of the season and I’ll do my best to make sure Frances and George continue to sport adorable color-appropriate outfits.

Happy Monday, everyone! 

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