Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Week

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days.  We’ve been running around like fools here and my computer time has been severely curtailed.  But I can’t complain – family time is so limited these days that when it does come, it’s nice to take a break and soak it up.

And speaking of running, Will and I ran our very first race together:

The local Monument Avenue 10k.  It is a huge race (they anticipated upwards of 40,000 people this year) and I typically bow out of because of the numbers, but Will decided months ago to attempt the 6.2 mile run and I couldn’t resist the idea of our first day date road race.

After!  And much more smiley.

He did great – I was beyond proud of him.  His silent goal time (that I didn’t even know about until after we finished) was to run it in under an hour and he crushed that (in 56 minutes to be exact).  To put that in some perspective, this was his first time ever running more than 5 miles on those long, lean, and sometimes trick-kneed legs of his and he never once slowed down.  It’s all downhill (in a good way) from here, Will!


After a seemingly endless Spring Break, the kids are finally back to a normal routine—Frances is in school and George is resuming his favorite status of “only child.”

This one has it so hard.


Picture day at dance:

This might just be my favorite picture of Frances to date.

George searched my purse to find his own costume—my sunglasses.

I'm a bit frightened that they actually fit his (large) head.


Marshall helping me with the five loads of laundry currently taking up real estate in our mudroom:

Almost as helpful (and as cute) as George helping Daddy with the lawn:


Frances’s school class attended a Richmond minor league baseball game last week.

Is it at all surprising that she was head-to-toe Braves attire?


One of my race photos from the Charlottesville Half Marathon:

Downhill, sunshine (it was freezing that day!), and an overly-excited man next to me—no wonder I’m smiling.


Finally, we wrapped up this weekend with a Rhode play date/cookout at our house:

Frances, George, big brother Andrew, and little bro Bryan.

The weather could not have been nicer—sunny and 75 degrees.  We played outside for nearly the entire 6 hour visit, which means we all have a little bit too much pink on our faces today (whoops).  But it was worth it, particularly to George who you will notice has an empty plate in front of him that minutes before held about a dozen cheese and sausage balls.

And I wonder why he is the size of an average 6-year-0ld.

Happy Monday, everyone!  It’s so nice to be back to blogging : )


  1. Oh, experienced mom and expert family chronicler--what would you suggest for a soonish-to-be mom (Aug due date) who has yet to record a single word about her pregnancy (first tri was hell), for setting goals of photo and writing-down-stories/milestones in the first crazy year? Anything you're glad you did or wish you did? I'm not sure I want to blog (I'm super private), but I can't ignore the ease of the electronic format!!

    1. Susan! This is SUCH a great question ... do you mind if I think about it and write a post about it as well??

    2. I just purchased a small journal and wrote EIGHT PAGES to my baby girl, telling her about the family, how we found out I was pregnant, and more. I'm going to try to write in this as long as I can. I definitely still want to hear your thoughts on this topic, though. I don't usually keep up with handwritten journaling efforts, and I want to find a way to capture photos, too. But how will I have the TIME?!?!

  2. Of course! Any advice you can share is MUCH appreciated. I love the way your chronicle your family's lives.

  3. Look at y'all go in the 10k! Such a fun race!! And that picture of Frances from ballet!!!! The best. Love the two of your boys mowing too :)

    1. You are so sweet, Anne! Have to train those boys young, right?? : )