Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to the jungle

When Frances was between the ages of two and three, she was fascinated by both the circus and the jungle.  She's been to the circus (twice now!), but the jungle remains a mystery.  In fact, she used to compare the vast distance between Richmond and the jungle as similar to the epic drive (2.5 hours) to Lynchburg to see Nana and Pop.  She's always just assumed the jungle and Lynchburg are about the same since nothing can possibly be any further away.

So, in Frances-speak, we are off to the jungle today to soak up a little Lynchburg time!  We'll be back in a few days, but until then I leave you with a song I dedicate to one of my best friends (and best Axl Rose impersonators out there), Brooke.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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