Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock n' Roll

Frances’s birthday party was this Saturday at the local Romp ‘n Roll, or as Frances calls it “Rock n’ Roll.”  And really, her nickname sums up the party pretty perfectly. 

As expected all of my pictures are blurry and were taken about 3 seconds after the ‘ideal’ picture moment, but they certainly capture the feel of the event which was nonstop excitement:

Followed by refueling on sugar and water:

Ending with another round of nonstop excitement:

In all honestly, Romp n’ Roll is about as great as it gets for 15+ preschoolers (ranging in ages from 2-6).  You are in and out in 1 ½ hours, the party hostesses run the entire show and there is no clean-up (my favorite part).  Plus the kiddos (and many of the adults) love it.

Even cousin Justin could join in on the fun (a safe distance away from the complete craziness)

I couldn't resist including a picture of George with his crush, Lily.  My boy is head-over-heels for this little cutie-pie and it melts my heart.  She wisely plays hard to get.

Unquestionably Frances had a great 4th birthday this year, starting with a much-coveted visit from Nana and Pop:

And ending with an Ariel doll and singing card from Grandma and Grandpa:

Next weekend, it’s back to reality with our first party-free Saturday and Sunday in a month.  But I’m going to let Frances (and George) bask in the celebration just a bit longer.  After all, you only turn 4 once:

Dress courtesy of Frances's personal shopper, Nana.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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