Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running and other musings

Today I am officially sick.  I know this for certain after having an entire night filled with those “sick dreams” that I am sure you are familiar with—they make no sense but remain vivid throughout the next day because you likely had them in a feverish half-sleep.  So rather than complain, I thought I would simply write-up a completely incoherent post and bank on some cute pictures of Frances and George to distract you from my nonsense.

This past Saturday I ran the Richmond half marathon.  It wasn’t my fastest 13.1 miles (by far) but thankfully it also wasn’t my slowest and considering I spent much of this past year recovering from a knee injury I was happy with my race. (And just so you know, that entire last sentence is a complete falsehood—I really wish I had run faster and kick myself for not pushing more through the race).

I wish I could say that the blurry picture is because I was running too fast for the camera to focus.  Nope.  The only thing out-of-focus in this picture is my brain.

And speaking of brains, I have Christmas on my mind—or more specifically, Christmas cards.  In an attempt to get some Christmas card pictures other than those I have posted on this blog, I set Frances and George up in our sunroom with promises of a morning at the playground and M&Ms after lunch if they would sit still and smile for the next five minutes.  After four years, Frances has the photo session down to an art; George is still a work in progress, but is learning from the best.  Below are some of the outtakes:
G's "cheese" face captured half-smile


Um, no.

He is very likely saying, "Ish!" (George's nickname for Frances)

Even professionals get bored

We're getting closer...

...oh well.

And finally, I took this great shot of Frances and Max yesterday while the kids were “helping” me sweep up the leaves:

George felt left out and insisted on a close-up of his own:

Not Christmas card material, but hilarious none the less.  Or maybe that's just my fever kicking in again.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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