Thursday, April 19, 2012

And then reality set in

As an epilogue to my post yesterday, I found myself running this morning in the dark to the sound of what must have been 3 or 4 coyotes baying at goodness knows what.  The new moon?  The fact that a sweaty, fatty runner was mere feet away from their hungry chops?  I kid you not.  All I could think was, "Oh my gosh, I am going to get eaten by this pack of coyotes and everyone will say, 'Did you hear about that crazy running lady who wrote a blog post about running early in the morning and then got eaten by wild dogs?  Yeah, she totally had it coming.' "

On a completely unrelated note, has anyone ever heard of coyotes attacking people?  I'm just wondering.  Seriously.

And now, the promised unrelated note of Frances with her blue M&M moustache.  

Don't ask.  I have no clue how she was able to paint her upper lip with the blue dye on the outside of an M&M.  My girl has talent when it comes to her dessert.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Not that your demise via coyote is the least bit funny, but I will admit that I did have to laugh at the "she had it coming" part. I think that you're relatively safe, though, unless you're out running with, say, raw meat strapped to your body.

    The coyotes that I've seen (in suburban Denver, of all places) were very skittish around people. I'm pretty sure that they do attack smaller animals, like cats and smaller dogs, though. In fact, I was surprised at how little the coyotes were. They looked like mangy, underfed dogs, really, instead of more wolflike (?) ones like you see in pictures.

    Stay safe, my friend.

    PS. Since you're my exercise and fitness guru, I'm wondering how familiar you are with barefoot running? Jamison is slightly obsessed with it, and now we both have minimalist running shoes. (Not the crazy looking ones with the weird toes.) I can't really tell a difference besides a little more soreness in my calves the first few times I wore them but he swears that it's the only way that he can run pain free.

    1. OOOO, I've secretly been dying to try a minimalist shoe! I've heard good things, but that the soreness is definitely there for the first few days or even weeks (it makes sense though, right? Think how much harder those muscles are working). I can't quite embrace pure barefoot running only because I'm a complete wimp and a bit of a clean freak. But nearly every race since 2009 I have seen at least 5 people with no shoes on and I am totally impressed by their speed (I would worry about a stubbed toe personally, but who's to know?). This last 10 miler I actually saw someone running in flip-flops, which just seemed waaaay out there. I didn't see him finish.

      Thanks for the tips on the coyotes - so far, that's on par with what I've read/heard from others. In case it doesn't come across in my writing (ha!), I tend to imagine the worst case scenario at all times. It's a charming characteristic and I'm sure one of the many reasons why Will fell in love with me.

      Happy Sunday!