Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend in review

Frances, George and I made another visit to Lynchburg to see Nana and Pop.  Will had a law firm retreat at Amelia Island (Florida – yes, that’s right, people.  Let’s all take a moment to glare in his direction …), and when Daddy goes out of town, so do we!

As has often been said (including by me), a weekend getaway with the children is much more tiring than relaxing.  The two brain cells I have left after our adventures are now fighting with each other, so please excuse this mainly picture post of ‘What Frances and George did this weekend in Lynchburg,’ which included:

Peaks of Otter:

Maggie and Calvin even joined the fun

New neighborhood puppies:

Two new Bichon puppy (girls!).  Frances was beside herself.

Hot chocolate on a rainy Monday:

And although Will did get to travel this weekend for business (to Florida.  Alone.  No kids.  Have I made my point yet?), he’s actually been doing much more of this than ever before:

These pictures make me feel slightly bad about the teeny-tiny guilt trip I may have laid upon my hardworking husband for having a weekend to himself.

The view from his oceanfront room.

Okay, I’m over it.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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