Friday, April 27, 2012

A little of this ...

Nana is in town this weekend (sans Pop, who is already missed):

And when Nana visits, we automatically double our Bichon count.  Four (yes four) fluffy white dogs are currently lounging in the Homiller house.  I’m sure we’re breaking some sort of city ordinance or at the very least an unspoken rule of dog lovers that ‘thou shall not attempt to house more than two lap dogs at any given time.’  Wise words.

Have I introduced you to my son, George Gump?

All kidding aside, this boy can officially outrun is all, including his sister (but don’t tell her that).  I had to beg him to let me sit down and rest on our trip to the botanical gardens earlier this week.  How is it that a former marathoner can be winded before her two-year-old?  I can only hope this means I will have some mother/son runs in my future.


Reason number 15,932 Will and I are a perfect match

Why yes, that is a 1970s Bruce Jenner face on my key ring.  And because I’m sure this picture needs at least some explanation, here goes: Will eats Wheaties every single morning (“The breakfast of champions … and me” he likes to joke.  And yes, I laugh at that little witticism every time).  Someone in the General Mills marketing department decided it would be a brilliant idea to bring back some of the old school Wheaties boxes—Muhammad Ali, Mary Lou Retton, and good ol’ Mr.  Bruce Jenner.  So, every time I open our pantry (which with starving 2 and 4 year-olds is a lot), I see the above picture. 

Under my breath (or so I thought) the other morning, I said something like, “Jeez, I wish Wheaties would stop it with the retro boxes.  I’m so tired of looking at that face.”

Fast forward to my grocery store run with George a few days later, I handed the nice checkout lady my key chain so she could scan my Kroger card and noticed her staring at it a little longer than normal.  When I saw what Will had put on my key ring, I started laughing hysterically and said, “my husband cracks me up.”  She replied, in a very Nene Leaks fashion, “that’s your husband?” whereby George then chimes in with his version of Wait, you see my Daddy? which comes out of his little mouth as just “SEE DADDY!!” and you may be beginning to get the picture.

If there has ever been anyone accused of over-explaining to a complete stranger the fact that Bruce Jenner is not my husband nor would I ever have a headshot of my husband on my key ring, it would be me.


I can’t believe I forgot to include this picture on my post about Frances’s concert:

All of the girls wore double French braids for the show.  I have no idea how the teachers got those wiggly little ones to sit still long enough to do this, but they looked beautiful.  And as Will pointed out, it made our girl look about 10-years-old. 

Oh boy, I am really not ready for that.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Your blog always makes my heart melt!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are so sweet! And your comment was so timely; I read it right after I returned home from the emergency vet. Thank you for letting me smile during one of my roughest nights yet.