Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bits and pieces

Frances’s second annual dance concert is coming up in two weeks.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around that; wasn't it just last month that I was writing about her first dance concert?  This year her group will perform to “Pineapple Princess” by Annette Funicello (and yes, I had to look that one up on YouTube).  I am mentally preparing for the adorableness that will undoubtedly ensue when I see 5 or more girls wearing the above costume. 

As an aside, her dance teacher enclosed endless instructions about how to put together the complete ‘look’ (only about half of which is pictured on Frances and includes limitless accessories on every extremity).  In bold, underline, and italics the note said, “Please make sure you pin the tutu to your daughter's leotard or it WILL FALL OFF on stage.”  As you can probably see, I can almost guarantee to Miss Heather that Frances’s tutu is not going anywhere—pins or no pins.  Our own in-house Bam-Bam (George) couldn’t even budge it when he tried, as any good little brother would, to pull it down.


I made homemade bread for the first time in ages.

This was the third or fourth time I’ve made something that I found through Pinterest.  I really, really wanted to love something that was advertised as “OH MY GOSH this is the best _______ you will ever eat!” but I found myself disappointed again. 

The bread was fine (in fact, Will and Frances said they liked it), but it was very crusty and didn’t get much more of a “eh” out of me.  Eh.

I’m still looking for the perfect (non-crusty) bread recipe if anyone has any recommendations.


Marshall, our own little E.T.

Frances thought he could use a few more ‘friends’ than average before we left the house the other morning.  He does look pretty content.


The mosquitoes are terrible this season.

Apparently sometime after the age of four is when these little welts start itching because neither child seems to mind them. 

How am I possibly going to go back to regular peanut butter after consuming this incredible delicacy?

Pure evil in a jar.  And worth every bite.


This is still my favorite part of the day.

Post-bath (for all three of them) and watching Curious George while waiting for Daddy to get home.  At this moment (that doesn’t happen every day, but I’ll take what I can get), I feel like I can finally exhale, sit down and mentally unwind.  My job(s) are done.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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