Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yes, Virginia, Richmond does have a zoo

Frances’s class took their second and final (at least for her) field trip this week:

To the zoo!

George and I were lucky to get to tag along again; although, I could have disappeared for two hours and George would never have noticed.  To say he fit in is an understatement (considering he’s also taller than about 75% of Frances’s schoolmates):

George and Carissa

And Michele (Carissa’s mom) if you’re reading this please know that George announced just this morning that he ‘loved’ Carissa and he and Frances have already planned their impending nuptials.  Frances was most excited to know that the wedding would mean that Carissa would be her sister.  As if they could be any closer:

George, Frances and Carissa

As one would expect, the zoo had every animal you could imagine (except an elephant, which predictably turned into the most requested animal as soon as the class realized it was not a viewing option):

The tigers

Am I the only parent whose heart races when their children are near a predatory animal??  I'm sorry, but that glass and my nerves are only but so strong.  They are incredibly beautiful though.

The chimpanzees

They looked so wise.  I'm convinced they know more about life than I do.

Lions, tortoises, rhinos, zebras, camels and bears (just to name a few)

The kids could feed the giraffes

The baby goats (by far, the most popular)

One smart little baby used the back of an unsuspecting donkey to secure his escape.

We lucked out again with the weather this field trip – rainy enough to discourage any other visitors (we practically had the entire zoo to ourselves), but not wet enough to keep us away.  And this excursion confirmed that George is indeed ready for preschool next year …

 … even if I’m not.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I love when you post pictures like's amazing to see all my old kids grown up!

    1. Your so sweet, Sarah! They're all growing much too quickly for my taste. Frances's last day of school was today ... I think I'm still in shock.