Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma Lee!

Will’s maternal grandmother celebrated her 85th birthday on Sunday.  What a milestone!

Grandma Lee has always been so kind to all of her great-grandchildren.  She has a wonderful way with kids—of course, after five children, ten grandchildren, and now countless (at least for me) great-grandchildren she’s had a lot of practice.  Our kids just flock to her:

It probably goes without saying that this party was custom-made for Frances and George—cake, presents and family.

George, Frances and Justin

Will and Will in 30 years.
Becca and Trey

Grandma and Justin

I tried to get our traditional Trey/Frances and now Trey/Frances/George picture, but after mixing mac n’ cheese, buttercream frosting, and a no-nap afternoon, it came out more like this:

As close as I could get:

This photo calls for a "caption me" request.

Happy 85th Birthday to Grandma Lee!  And a happy Monday to all of you.

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