Monday, June 25, 2012

The in betweens

Some June moments captured in between the dance recitals, graduations, birthday parties, and field trips:

Will’s old Spiderman mask

Frances wore this for an entire day (paired with the skirt that my sister made me when I was four-years-old) and I haven’t seen it since.  It was adorable at the time, but I’m secretly glad it’s gone missing—I’m sure the poor girl was as hot as can be.


I call this one, “Marshall the Burrito.”

He’s becoming such a good sport with the kids.


The carnations from Frances’s dance recital are still going strong.

I put them next to my work station in the kitchen and even though they are small, ballet pink, and odorless, they’ve helped brighten that area up more than I thought.  I don’t buy many fresh flowers “just because,” but every time I have some in the house I always wonder why not.


One of Frances’s “naptime” activities - Magnadoodle dog food.

I guess she thought her friends were getting hungry.

My parent’s dog, Calvin:

Poor thing had to stay in Richmond after Frances’s dance recital because he swallowed a huge piece of mulch, which then not surprisingly became obstructed in his intestines.  George and I delivered him safely back to Lynchburg last week (when we picked up Frances) under strict orders from the vet that he stay quiet.  The best way my mother knew to ensure he wouldn’t move was to put him in the middle of their kitchen island.  And don't let the long face fool you - he loved it.  He's just garnering sympathy on the off chance that someone will slip him one of those Honey Nut Cheerios.

Will has started a countdown to our Spain trip.

My Spanish is a little rusty, so I'm not sure if that says 17 days until Spain or 17 days until Lucy's first culture shock meltdown.  


Finally, a happy, happy birthday to my older brother, Johnny!

This is what happens when you trade your attorney salary for a stay-at-home lifestyle—homemade presents.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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